Saturday, April 18, 2009

Busy Busy!

The kids were off of school for spring break so it's been a very busy week!

Monday night Jud and I took the bigs out for date night! Dinner, drinks, and a Buck's game! Perfect!

Caroline and Jack enjoying their pregame kitty-cocktails!

Later in the week we all headed to Chicago for a few days to enjoy the big city life! The kids liked the museums, but the biggest attraction was probably getting to ride in "a real taxi cab"! My camera battery died early on the trip, so not many pictures...

Enjoying the big city view!

The Field Museum

Wednesday night after the kids were asleep in the hotel room, I turned to my faithful friend, facebook...only to find out that Kari was in Chicago too! She was staying a few blocks away! Since I've always wanted to actually meet her in person I hopped in a cab and met the lovely lady, whom I've been emailing, facebooking, and blogging with for the past 4 years! It was an awesome surprise! Emma and Kari's daughter were likely at the care center in Ethiopia at the same time...we've been chatting for a long time. It was soooo great to finally meet her! (oh and her husband too!)

Just in case you think I left the kids alone, Jud was in the hotel room with them too:)

oh so much more to say, but I'm exhausted!

maybe tomorrow...


Michele Wolaver said...

Trying to rev my engines to get back to my blog... so I was catching up on my blog readings. Mehandis and I were actually in Chicago for 4 nights at the tail end of our spring break. We chose the Museum of Science and Industry though, heard there were trains there ;)

Kari said...

Thanks for meeting us for drinks!! I was so glad that we finally got to meet, and can't wait to see you guys this summer when the kiddos can play together too.

Looks like you had a fabulous time in Chi-town too!

Sarah :) said...

How cool that you finally got to meet Kari! I've never met her in person either....maybe someday I'll be in the same city as her!