Thursday, April 9, 2009

What does our family have in common with the first family?

We both had Seders tonight! Which Caroline thinks is very cool!!! Read about the Obama's Seder Here

Our Seder was a little more low key I'm sure!

For all of you following this who are not Jewish, every year at Passover we celebrate and tell the story of how God freed the Jews from slavery in Egypt...we tell the story at a holiday meal called a Seder.

This year our Seder was just us. Which was awesome!

Caroline helped Jud in the kitchen before hand with all of the preparations...making sure he was preparing everything by the book! She's very particular!

We made a few modifications to the Hagaddah along the way,due to Sam and Em's attention span! But overall they all did great! Here's what our night looked like!

and of course at the end of the night, Daddy throws everyone in the air!

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