Sunday, April 19, 2009


The Boston Marathon ranks as one of the most prestigious running events in the world. This honourable position is attained thanks to the long history of the race, the challenging course and the fact that you have to qualify to register as an official participant.

Well, my sister Jean has quite a few marathons, half marathons, and triathlons under her belt but tomorrow morning she will set out to conquer the Boston!

Have I mentioned that's 26.2 miles!

that distance seriously boggles my brain! I get exhausted just thinking about what I'm going to have to do around the house for 4 hours before I pick Sam up from think she'll be running about that long!

But Jean is strong... determined and disciplined!

Frankly she kicks butt!

I'm so proud of her!

Watching this little guy while his mom is in Boston, being all amazing, is probably as close as I'll ever get to a marathon!


los cazadores said...

Good luck to her! Just qualifying for Boston is an amazing feat! Awesomeness~!


ShannonC said...

AWESUM!! What is her bib number? My friend susan is bib 22256. It's a holidy here in Maine and Mass. Ok, It's patriots day, but really it's marathon day.

blessedmomto7 said...

GO SISTER GO! I doubt I'll ever get close either!

rleibel said...

I think the Vandenhouten women are one set of tough broads. Whether they are running marathons or taking care of a complex multi-generational family and making it look easy, they rock.

I am in awe.