Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer Days!

We went back up to the cottage last weekend. The kids had a blast! They all just love it up there! It's amazing how content they are throwing rocks into the water, and collecting shells, really, hours of enjoyment!

Caroline was happy because she finally got to see Sue! And Emma seems to have gotten over her previous shyness around the cottage folks! She was chatting up a storm to Chuck, and took many walks to say hi to Max the dog.

Caroline spent some time playing solitare with Nana Ree...who says solitare is only a game for one? Caroline even taught Nana Ree her special way to cheat!

And here are the pictures of Caroline's teeth, or lack there of! For some reason my computer is not uploading my pictures, so I need to email them to Jud and then upload them to blogger from his laptop which is a bit more time consuming...I'm affraid my dear 7 year old computer may be on it's last leg! This along with the fact that my new Camera had to be sent in to Nikon for repairs so we are back to using the old camera for awhile...isn't it always something!

For the most part our days are just filled with fun! I've tried not to schedule much for the summer, to give the kids time just to play and have fun! They seem to really be liking that idea so far...three weeks into summer! I'm sure it won't be long before the fun of playing with eachother wears off! Here's a few more pictures while it lasts!

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Kristin said...

OUCH!!! That looks like it hurts Caroline. But, I bet the tooth fairy was extra nice to you...

I love the blog and seeing pictures of all of you so often and just reading to keep up with what you are all doing. You are all growing so fast!!

It looks like all of the kids get along so great, no fighting, just how our house was growing up. =)