Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day!

This year on Father's day, I've been thinking a lot about the role of a father...

and how it's changed over the past years...

Fathers, for most of us, are the ones we seek approval from the most...and yearn for their approval...

A father's word's are the one's that stick with us throughout our lives...however hurtful or inspirational they may be...

We look to our fathers for guidance and acceptance...

even today, the most powerful memories I have of my own father... are those of me making him peanut butter toast when he worked third shift...and the times at the cottage...oh, the cottage...and of course my wedding day! Things I'll never forget!

Fathers make us who we are...and the parents we become...

...long gone are the days of dads going off to work and coming home at the end of a long day to a drink and an obedient wife!

The times, they are a changing!

Many of today's dads are actually the primary caregivers for the children!

And the dads who aren't able to stay home, and are off to work long tireless days away...well, life has changed for them as well!

Dads of today are involved in the everyday of their children's lives.

Starting from the beginning, they are in the delivery room, often involved in some of today change diapers, help with midnight feedings, help with all the tough decisions like bottle or breastfeed, wake the baby to keep the schedule or let them sleep to keep the peace, pick them up or let them cry it out...oh yes even tonight, we had a cry for "daddy come wipe my booty!" The times have changed!

Yes, the role of FATHER is not an easy one...

But here is one man who does it all so well!

Jud is such an amazing Father!

Over the years his job (at M&I not just at home!)has gotten increasingly more stressful and difficult (as he keeps getting promoted!) but he consistently shows that family comes first.

Jud comes home every day HAPPY and excited to see the kids, and they greet him at the door equally overjoyed to see him! Jud is always there for school functions, and tries to arrange his schedule around the family calendar...he is always trying to make things easier for me...he still does a great deal of the cooking, especially on weekends, when he takes requests from the kids even including pancakes in specific shapes, (including all letters and most animals!)

Our kids adore, and respect him. He is the silliest, funniest, goofiest daddy, and all of the kids look forward to playing and spending time with him.

Jud and Caroline had a special night out tonight...just the two of them. And boy did that create havoc amongst the gang! They all wanted to know when it was going to be their turn to have special daddy time!

I knew when I met Jud he was going to be a good dad... But really, I never expected this. Every time he brings that special sparkle into one of the kids eyes, I fall in love with him all over again!!! I love you baby!

Here is a tribute to the greatest dad I know! (with a little help from Caroline!)

We all love you Daddy! (even typed by Caroline!)

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Kristin said...

Very cool video! Way to go Jess & Caroline, and Jud, the main star!! Happy Father's Day to a great dad!