Monday, June 9, 2008

Catching Up

Today is a catch up day! I'm reading all the blogs I love but haven't read in awhile...I'm catching up on all the laundry from this weekend...and I'm spending some great time coloring with Sam and far we're off to a good day! Sam and Em are busy right now so I have a few minutes to catch up on posts!

Not really any new earth shattering things happening here. We went to the cottage this weekend, as always the kids had a blast! It's so funny how much they love being up there, even when no one else is there! Not even Nana and Papa where this weekend. It was just us and Mr. Jolly, the neighbor who the kids may have something to do with his treat jar, but I'm not sure! Caroline was a little bummed that Mrs. Jolly wasn't there because she loves to color rocks with her. But she had fun collecting lots of rocks and shells instead.

We also stopped in Green Bay for my nephew's graduation party so we got to see lots of family and the kids were able to play with some cousins for awhile.

Sketchy boy had his stitches out this week and has resumed his position on the back of the couch! He's even back to chasing Sophie around the house!

Oh, and in the adoption news... on Friday we got the documents we were waiting for from the secretary of state, and we have our approval from INS and now our petition is being forwarded to the US Embassy in Ethiopia! So I have a little catch up to do making sure we have everything we need and then the dossier is done! It sure took us a lot longer this time!

One big thing, Jud was recently promoted to Senior Vice President and National Sales Manager! Way to go baby!

That's about it! Off to the piles of waiting laundry!

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