Monday, June 2, 2008

Fun with Bubbie and Zaide

We had a great and highly anticipated weekend with Bubbie and Zaide this weekend. For the past two weeks every night before bed Sam would ask "after the next day are Bubbie and Zaide coming?" The kids were all so excited to see them both, but the boys have a particularly great bond with their Zaide! They barely let him in the door before they "attacked" him!

I think after this weekend Zaide is going to need a little R&R the boys literally had him running all weekend! Lots of tag and hide and seek, a few lessons from Jack on how to play the Wii, even a walk to feed the ducks!

Caroline enjoyed her time with Bubbie as well! They read some new great books, and did a lot of bird watching, it's their new thing together! Caroline is so excited about it, she has her own binaculars and bird journal...she even had to call Bubbie today to talk to her about what type of duck she saw! It's pretty cute!

Bubbie taught Caroline and Jack how to play solitare which they both thought was pretty cool! They also played quite a few rounds of old maid and had a pretty intense game of pick up sticks!

Emma was just happy to be in on everything! But she especially loved blowing bubbles with Bubbie and painting with all the new sidewalk paints that Bubbie brought.

It was a really great weekend, the kids were all so sad to Bubbie and Zaide go! Luckily we'll see them again in a few weeks when we head to MN for the CHSFS picnic!

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