Saturday, May 30, 2009

poor baby

I've always been surprised at what a tough little girl Emma is and just how strong her little body fights things off! No matter what little bug any of us pick up, Emma has rarely had as much as a runny nose!

Today she is finally sick. Down and out kind of sick!

She woke up this morning with a really high fever and a swollen hand. We got her fever to come down a little but had no idea what was up with her hand...

I talked to our pediatrician and when I mentioned her hand he thought she should be seen right away. Of course it's Saturday and they don't have weekend hours, so that meant a trip to Children's hospital.

Emma has had a little sore on her hand for the past week, I think it started as a bug bite, but it has apparently become infected! They put her on antibiotics and said to keep a close eye on her, if the fever goes back up or the swelling get's any worse we'll have to bring her back so they can put in IV's to better treat the infection.

So for now, we wait.

And snuggle our poor little baby.


Christina said...

Oh, poor Emma! I hope she feels better soon!

Calmil2 said...

Feel better Emma :(

-C said...

Poor Emma, she looks so miserable. Hope she feels better soon and that you don't have to spend another day at the hospital.

Julie said...

Oh no! Emma! Big hugs little lady, feel better soon!

Kari said...

Oh, she looks so sad! Glad you figured out what it was and hope it's gone quick!