Monday, September 15, 2008

School days.

Of course Sam started school too! A week later than the rest of the crew, I'm just a bad mom, who didn't take pictures! (because I couldn't stop crying!)

So, now every day I drop off three kids at school!

Where has the time gone?!

Sam really seems to like it so far. I think it's a bit of an adjustment for him being with other kids his own age because he is used to being Jack's shadow.

Otherwise he seems happy with school, and really likes his teacher.

Emma, aside from all of my worrying on wether she was ready for preschool, is doing amazingly well! She loves school!

It turns out, Sam and Emma both get done at the same time! Luckily, their schools are only a few blocks apart...and Emma's teacher said it was OK to be a few minutes late for pick up. However, the first day I went to pick her up, the all day kids were just sitting down for lunch. Emma was very upset that she didn't get to stay and have lunch at school too...

Tonight at bedtime she was so cute, she called me upstairs and said she couldn't go to sleep. I told her she needed to get her rest because she had school tomorrow. She got a huge smile on her face, and said "It's Tuesday tomorrow? I have school when I wake up?" And with that she put her down and went to sleep!

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