Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Is there anything more perfect?

I just don't think so. This is exactly the scene I remember as a kid. Absolutely perfect!

Last week the kids and I (Jud joined us later) headed back to the cottage for our last fun filled weekend of the summer.

My little animal lover, Caroline, found and caught a snake! She found it in the rocks near the boat house, and coaxed it out, catching it with a net. Before long she grabbed it out of the net with a garden glove, then after a brief consult with Chuck (our wise neighbor) on will it bite, and how bad will it hurt...all gloves were off! Oh my brave Boogie! I think even Chuck was impressed!

Em had lots of bonding time with her best buddy, Sue! Oh we love the Jolly's!

And of course, the primary reason we ventured to the cottage this weekend, my mom's surprise 70th birthday party!

It was quite a party! I guess that's one good thing about having such a big family, we sure throw a good party!

Even karaoke! Seriously, what other families do that?


Missy Herlache said...

Believe it or not.. our family also LOVES karaoke..well my dad at least. I thought we were the only ones- thats what Green Bay will do to you! Hope everyone is good over there!

Jessica said...

So cute! By the way Jessica...can you send me your email? I'm I have something I want to forward on to you...
Jessie :)