Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

So, I've been working on a post all week, about what we've been up to this winter break...but apparently nothing all that exciting has been happening around here!

We did however wake up to find some great news this morning!

We have a birth certificate!

Now "the next milestone to reach is the passport issuance and completion of the embassy medical exam including TB testing. This has been taking an average of 2-4 weeks minimum. Final travel clearance will be assigned once we have the results of this medical."

Great great news! It finally feels real! He's really coming! Our family is almost complete.

William Feiso (Feiso literally means, “Savior.”) will be home soon.

I know everyone is waiting for photos and details...those in the adoption world know that since we are now legally his parents, we are able to share any photos or information we've received, even on the blog...but I'm just not ready.

At first we had only two photos. Photos that I've memorized every detail of...

A few weeks ago we received an update. It had his daily routine, his schedule, his menu, and what the nannies can do to get him to giggle! It also had lots of new photos...we can see pudgy cheeks starting to emerge on his smiley little face! His once long and twiggy legs are showing rolls! His straight hair is getting curly!

And his eyes, they sparkle...

This is all we have of our son.

These new photos that we have plastered around the house, that I carry in my coat pocket to share with everyone I see, that I have practically stared holes through, I just can't bring myself to post them.

They just feel too personal.

So I apologize but many of you will have to wait until Jud and I travel to Ethiopia to see pictures of our son Will!!!! Hopefully it won't be long!!!!


rebekah said...

Always go with your gut, sister.

Are you guys all healthy? We are - maybe some fun time together?

Kari said...

I with Rebekah on this one too. Do what you have to for your son. You know what is best for your family.

Can't wait to see him when you are ready to share. :-)