Sunday, August 16, 2009


We had a great weekend and I feel like I'm starting to feel like myself again for the first time in quite awhile...

The weekend was jampacked with fun but lots of relaxation mixed in! The kids and I went to a movie on Friday night, I wish I would have gotten a picture of them all in their 3D glasses, it was hysterical!

Saturday, Caroline and I spent the morning just the two of us...First we were off to get pedicures per her request! Hence the matching bright pink nails:) Followed by some back to school shopping! I was really surprised that this is what she chose to do...she usually does not enjoy shopping in the least! In fact she normally dreads it. So when he asked if we could go shopping and if she could try things on I was a little suspicious. I think that unbenounced to me the girl has found her style! She was so funny, and excited going from one thing to the next, pointing at displays, "ooooo I like that!" The only problem was that many of the styles for little girls was strikingly similar to that of the styles for teenage girls and I am so not ready to have her dressing like a teenager! She's only 8...although while we were out for dinner last night, someone asked her how old she was and she replied "almost NINE"!!! I think my heart stopped.almost nine. yikes!

I feel like her finding her style is an important step of her finding her voice. She's no longer happy just wearing what I pick out for her, or having me do her hair... She is becoming her own person. Of course I want her to grow up capable of making her own decisions and using her voice to stand up for herself, but really. Already?

I guess I should just be thankful that the styles have gone back to the 80's so lots of layering, and leggings!!!

After our day of shopping we played in the yard while Jud took down the back side of the new fence! Sound crazy? I know. But we have a plan don't worry. While Mr. Muscles was hard at work Caroline and I were clearing brush and the rest of the kids were jumping in the "jumpy castle"! We got a ton accomplished!

Saturday night Jud brought Caroline, Jack and Sam to Green Bay for their first ever Packer Game!

Turns out they were a little more excited about having McDonald's and a movie in the car on the way! They were in the stadium for about 25 minutes when Sam asked if they could go home! poor Jud.

Yesterday we all vegged out for much of the was glorious:) In the afternoon we headed to the pool, got nice and tired out and returned home for more vegging! We didn't even need to prepare dinner, because we had the kids sports banquet dinner to go to! It was quite the set up complete with a kiddie cocktail bar! The kids loved it! And you can't have a sports banquet without awards, Caroline and Jack both got a plaque with their name on it for!!!They were so thrilled when they saw it! Ah, and then disaster struck...Caroline got a trophy for being runner up in their tournament. Doesn't sound like a disaster? Well, Jack did not. Oh the boy was sooooo sad. There were many tears. Caroline was a very gracious winner and told him he could touch her trophy he wanted! He did not.

And to make the great weekend complete I heard that these two women,Julie and Christinawhere home with their beautiful familes!!!!!


Kari said...

Sounds quite perfect. Can't think of a better way to pass a weekend and not think about waiting. ;)

I LOVE the matching pedi's. Makenna has been after me to do that all summer and I thought I would do it right before she goes to school. Sigh....I can't even imagine almost nine, I am having trouble with almost 5!

Christina said...

And we're glad to be home! Now let's see that R post, already. :)