Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just another week!

So here it is another Sunday night and I'm trying to remember what we did this week...

We traded the boys in one day for Caroline's BFF Allison...This wonderful family, that deserves a post all their own, have a little boy Tommy who is right between Jack and Sam, and oh my have they hit it off! (almost as much as Caroline and Allison!) Every night when I'm tucking them in I ask what they want to do tommorow..."can we see Tommy?" is what they both ask. And their wonderful mom Jodie, who really, I will write about so great about trading kids for the day. One day we take the boys and the girls go to Jodie's the next we take the girls and the boys are with Jodie...they're all having so much fun together! And it gives me a little break to do fun things with them...

This week the girls and I took a walk to the sprinklers!

Of course we went to beach again!!! This time with some old pals! (Not Caroline, because she was at Allison's!)

Preschool Buds! Jack and "Big Sam"

Then this weekend we had a few visitors...My ridiculously wonderful sister Kristin brought a few of the Green Bay cousins for a little visit! We don't get the chance to see cousins often but when we do it's awesome!

Now that's a crew!

Of course there was a beach!

Why are boys always sooooo crazy?

And then today Caroline finaly had the LEMONADE STAND she has been "waiting her whole life for"!

Oh she's been wanting to have a lemonade stand in the worst way!!! But I kept telling her, I didn't think she'd get many customers...because we are on the corner of a busy street, but we don't have sidewalks on our side, so people don't just walk many customers could she have?

Well I was wrong.

These two made a heck a lot of dough!

Runners stopped. Bikers stopped. Teenagers walking on the otherside of the street stopped. PEOPLE IN THEIR CARS STOPPED! It was insane!

Here they are counting their loot! All $24.00 of it! Not bad for 10 cents a glass!

So now onto the LAST WEEK OF SUMMER! I have a pile of paperwork that needs my forms, school lists, post placement report, updating homestudy stuff (which of course involves running all over town!) ...and of course the kids are asking to see Tommy and Allison again!!!

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