Saturday, August 1, 2009

a post with words?

I feel like I'm turning into one of those bloggers, you know who you are, who have started to neglect their blogs. I've been trying to come up with a post that's got some meat to it. Something worth taking the time to write, and for you, worth the time to read. For many reasons though, it's really difficult lately. For one I simply don't have the time. Not just to write something, but to really think and process and make sense out of everything swirling around in my head. These days there are lots of thoughts, worries, fears, about the adoption. Followed by excitement and anticipation! It's definitely a wild ride. Which we've been on so long, we need to start updating our paperwork for because it's all starting to expire! Which is good, because I was starting to feel like we had nothing else to do!( sarcasm? yup, still got it!)

I've also been thinking a lot about family lately. Jud and I have been blessed with an incredibly supportive and loving family. But with the size of our extended families there is always room for some drama. Nothing huge, just enough to keep me worried, and to bring my blood to a boil every once in awhile!

Basically, when I'm not teetering between obsessing and avoiding become obsessive about the adoption, I'm doing the same with family stuff.

Luckily, I don't have much time to do either! The kids are keeping me very busy! We've been having a really fun summer.

We took a trip to MN to meet the new cousin Nora and love up the old cousin Spencer!

The kids had a blast and it was great to see everyone, but yuck, I really don't like that drive!

This week work started on the house, finishing a playroom and putting in a patio door... two things that the builder agreed to throw in! yes, there definitely are perks to being married to the master of negotiation! But that means that the house is chaotic and covered in dust. So we've been hanging out at the pool a lot! I know, rough life. But believe me bringing 4 kids swimming is no easy task. It's quite a work out! Well, that's what I tell myself anyway, in the absence of any other type of workouts lately!

Caroline had a busy week this week. She FINALLY had a sleepover with her new BFF! Oh my gosh she was so excited! I think she's found a friend that she'll be friends with for years to come:) It's pretty sweet to watch! She's just so happy! Well, until yesterday morning when she was accidentally poked in the eye by one of the boys who were wrestling...never a dull moment. She wasn't able to open her eye all day. I ended up bringing her into the Dr's office to make sure it wasn't anything serious. There doesn't appear to be a scratch so that's good news. She has some ointment to put in a few times a day that seems to be helping, at least she was able to open her eye this morning. It's still really red and looks very sore. Poor kid! I think she got my luck rather than Jud's!

And Jud, he's been crazy busy too! He works his tail off and then comes home to my, "can you hang this?" "can you make that?"

Poor poor Jud. This week I bought a swing set. A pretty good sized one at that. It came in SEVERAL flat boxes! It took two nights just to organize the boxes of screws and bolts!!! But like my mom says, "that Jud works like a bull!"

Lest you think he did it all alone, he did have helpers!


rebekah said...

Ok, I'm cry laughing at your mom's comment - that Jud works like a bull. I will never forget that Jud!

And secondly, we are coming over to play on that new thing in your yard!!

Anonymous said...

It was so great to see you guys last weekend-- Spence was echoing my sentiments out loud when he started chanting "more cousins! more cousins!" after you left. Thanks for making the looong drive to see us-- we will drive over to you next time.
Dave (& Kristy, Spence, and Baby Nora)