Friday, March 21, 2008

While the cat's away, the mouse will....paint?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a serious obsession with painting...not of pictures, but actual rooms. I try to mask this strange addiction as "home repair" but really I just need to paint!

So this week, while Jud was out of town, I started....for now just a few walls in the kids playroom downstairs...but while I was painting, the wheels in my head were turning....and I must be reading too many kids books because I started to sound like a Laura Numeroff book! You know like,.... If you Give a Mouse a Cookie... sorry, if you don't have kids, you most likely won't get this!

Here's how it started...

The boys have been sleeping in the guest room for the past two weeks, they are scared in their room and the guest room is much closer to our room (they've been sleeping awesome in there!) I move the boys room back into the guest room...

then I could move Caroline into the boys current room....

and if I move Caroline into the boys room, then I could move Emma into the room that Caroline is in.

and if I move Emma into Caroline's room, that would mean I could turn Emma's room into the new "nursery"....all rooms of course would need to be re-painted!

Did I mention I'm nesting? And I'm slightly obsessive?

Poor Jud!

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Bruce said...

Hi Jessa - I'm just catching up on your blog! Emma's party pix - I wish we could have been there. I hope she liked the little backpack and books we sent. And the last picture with the tired little birthday girl asleep - too cute! And I saw the triplets video. So interesting to see scenes of Ethiopia. Great music. Who are those folks - do you know them? Love Grandpa!