Wednesday, March 5, 2008

We're making progress!

Today I feel like we are finally making progress on the adoption front! This morning I sent out our I600-A to our local immigration office, along with a hefty check, Ouch!! There goes that new camara I had my eye on! We also have completed the first stack of our dossier paperwork! That's a big sigh of relief!

Now, after our agency in MN recieves our homestudy from our local agency (which hopefully is next week,) they will send us the second stack of paperwork for the dossier! Yeah! Then, once that's all done, then we can official start the really difficult part, the wait!

I'm not looking forward to that! I already am feeling the need to nest! I am constantly looking around the house thinking "what else can I paint!" Luckily for me... the kids have all been sick for the last two weeks, so that has kept me very busy and has kept my mind from wandering too much! (yeah right!)

Actually, I shouldn't say all of the kids, because of course fiesty little Em, nothing gets her to slow down! As the other three have been content resting, watching movies, and reading books little Em is running circles around them! She cracks me up! Not to worry, I think we are finally on the mend. Caroline and Jack are both back at school today and Sam will go back tomorrow! Ahhh....peace....well sort of It'll be just me and Em!

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