Friday, March 14, 2008

This was the first picture we ever saw of Emma! The first time we saw her beautiful face...

With Caroline, Jack and Sam, we have this tradition...starting the night before their birthday, talking with them about what was happening that night just before they were born....and then telling them (age appropriate of course!) about the day that they were born.

I tell them who was in the room, what I was feeling, and of course what our reaction was when we saw them for the first time.

Well, this year, especially with our string of January birthdays...I have started to wonder...what about Emma's birth story?

Is this a tradition that maybe we need to let go...because obviously I don't know Emma's birth story?

So after a lot..and a lot..and lot more thought, I have decided that each one of our kids' birth story is unique....and that's why they love to hear it!

So just because I don't know the exact time, place... or heck, even day that Emma was born, I do remember the anticipation...the waiting...the longing, to meet her... much like I felt while I was pregnant with the other kids.

I remember... while we were in the process, and waiting for Emma's referral, wondering, was there a woman out there, on the other side of the earth, carrying my child...?

Every night when I went to bed, my head was filled of thoughts of her...who was she? what was she feeling? was she hungry? was she scared? did she have heartburn?.... Did she know, that there was another mother out there, longing to love her child?

I so wished that I could reach out to let her know it was ok and this child was going to be loved and well taken care of....

I remember the feelings I felt the first time I saw Emma's picture, and the first time I saw her and held her in my arms....the first time I smelled her smell!

This is her birth story....This is what we know.

This was her birth into our family.

So from now on...on this day, not only will we celebrate Emma's birth, but we will celebrate her birth whom we are forever indebted!

We will never Emma came into our family...and just how blessed we are...


Bruce said...

I wonder if EMMA will someday want to find her birth-Mom or see her hometown? So far Miriam has not expressed any curiosity about hers but Barbara's daughter Nichole has been very persistent for years in trying to establish a connection to her birth-father (so-far rebuffed). What do we need to feel whole? Are there memories in our flesh as well as in our minds?

Kari said...

She is so beautiful! Doesn't time fly?!? We too are trying to figure out the right way to honor Makenna's past without knowing all the details, and have come to a conclusion very similar to yours. We will tell her what we DO know, it's all that we can do.

Anyhow, I just wanted to say she is just gorgeous and thanks for sharing pics. I love seeing your beautiful family!