Saturday, February 2, 2008

We actually made it!

Last night was the first time in our family's history that we made it through an entire length of Shabbot Services! Jud and I were amazed at how well all four of the kids did! Caroline sang with her sunday school class, she looked so grown up standing up there, and she was so proud of herself! She kept waiving at Emma who was very jealous that she was not up in the front with her.

On the ride home Jud and I were just giddy with the thought that we are finally getting to the point where we can take the beasts out in public again! We have recently been going out for dinner as a family (to actual restaurants rather than McDonald's) again and each time we just beam with pride at how well behaved they are! Then we reminded ourselves not to get too comfortable because just as we get ready to turn this corner we are preparing to add another one (or two!) and start the whole thing over again!

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