Thursday, February 14, 2008

My little brag!

Our Beautiful Little Girl! Can you believe she is almost three?

Well, thank's to Mrs. Baker, I have figured out how to put together a slide show! Oh now your all in trouble! There's nothing I love more in the whole wide world than bragging about my kids!

This one however is all about Emma! I know, what a horrible mother singling out only one child... believe me, I'll make it up later!

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about the whole process of Emma coming home, (I'm sure in a way, to prepare myself for round two) and how this one little girl, this gorgeous perfect little girl changed our family forever! Watching her grow these past two years has felt like we were raising a baby in fast forward. She came home a tiny little peanut who didn't move and days later was rolling over, then sitting up, crawling, laughing, talking , walking...running...and has not stopped yet! Everyday she continues to amaze me!


Friday, Feb.15

Ok, I'm adding this here because I am so proud of the new slideshow and I don't want it to move down...but I wanted to share some very exciting news ...Today, Sam and Emma and I attended our first Obama rally! It was awesome! Right before he came out Emma was yelling "Where's Obama?" Everyone around us was cracking up! Then throughout the speech whenever anyone started to chant "yes we can" Emma yelled it out as loud as she could right along with the crowd! Brainwashing? No, I'd like to think that at the age of 2 she's already a really great judge of character!

It was so exciting to be there, of course in large part to see Obama in person and to hear him speak, but also to witness the reactions of the several hundred people there. It was very touching, (and a little funny) how most of the people standing around me, thought that Obama was talking directly to them! They went on answering every question he posed, and affirming every comment he made! At one point I turned to the woman behind me, thinking she was talking to me, but nope, she was talking to Barack! It was a true sign of how so many people, from so many different backrounds find him and his message both relatable and inspiring!

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