Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Well, I've been informed that there is one thing that this blog is lacking...some pictures of Jack! So here you go Grandpa, this post is for you!

This week I was at the kid's school, helping out in Caroline's classroom, so before I left I thought I'd quick stop in Jack's classroom to say HI...as I was walking down the hall, a woman stopped me. Turns out she is the school substitute. She asked if I was Jackson's mom....(for those of you who haven't heard, when he started kindergarten Jack decided he wanted to be called Jackson!) I said yes, and then she began to gush about what a wonderful little boy Jackson is. She had been in his classroom helping out the day before, and was very impressed with what a great listener and helper he was! This was a moment I think every mom dreams about...having someone (other than maybe your in-laws) recognize what wonderful little people your kids are!

Jud and I were talking about Jack awhile back, about how much he is like a little Jud! I see so much of Jud in Jack. He is so sensitive and caring...yet very rambunctious and athletic! Just like his dad right? And of course he is obsessed with the Badgers! Now where else would he get that from? Anyway I had jokingly mentioned that maybe we should have named him Judson Jr. (something we had in fact thought about) Well, Jack heard that and was so bummed. He really wanted to be a little Jud! Later he told me that someday when he was a daddy, he would have a little boy and his name was going to be Jud! Can you tell he idolizes his dad?

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Amy & Emily said...

Jess! I love reading your blog and seeing all of the pictures. I had a dream last night I was babysitting for you, it might be a sign. Anyway, Amy and I have a blog too, if you have a few extra minutes its AandEinItaly.blogspot.com.
Can't wait to see everyone this summer!