Wednesday, March 10, 2010


*It turns out that Jud's blackberry and email do not work in Ethiopia as we had planned!  The guest house has a computer with an internet connection for us to use,  but we are rarely here...and it has rarely been working!    what I've been doing is writing about each day on my laptop when I wake up in the middle of the night, saving it, and then whenever we get a connection we can post it.  
We haven't been able to get or send emails obviously, we haven't been able to keep up on what's happening at home, which is killing me...
I did hear from my sister Kristin that my dad's surgery went well and he's told her that he "didn't see any lights"  so it seems his sick sense of  humor is just fine:)  
We've talked to the kids a few's great to hear their voices but it really makes me miss them even more!
Ok now on to Saturday...
Right after breakfast we headed to the care center to see the kids.
We spent a few more hours with the sweetest little peanut ever!  
We've been happily surprised by how much time we've been able to spend with him.   He seemed to recognize us when we came into his room, he smiled right away and started climbing up the bars of his crib!
He was in such a good mood, we played on the floor for quite awhile, he loves to fly "like buzz light year" as Sam and Jack call it,  and he showed us that he already knows how to crawl!

After we fed him lunch he again snuggled right in and fell asleep.
I've been really trying not to hog him too much and let Jud get some snuggle time with him but it's really hard to let him go! 
Jud is quite a hit with the older little boys at the care center!   It was really very touching.  He'll have to write about it when we get home.
After lunch at the guest house, we went to AHOPE to drop off the donations.
It was an amazing experience.  
It was supposed to be quiet/nap time,  but they let us go in and say hello  to the kids.   The big boys were very funny and energetic!   The older girls were a stitch too!  They all took turns trying on my sunglasses and striking a pose!   So much personality!   They were just beaming!  
Jud and I had a chance to talk to one of the nurses for a bit...What an incredible woman!  Her love and devotion for every single child was just amazing.    I feel honored to have met her.  
I know I'll have more to write about her and AHOPE and the beautiful children once my mind is able to process everything and hopefully make a little more sense!
After AHOPE we went to the Hilton to confirm our flights for Thursday and exchange money....then it was off to do some shopping.    Jud and I had fun picking out some little things for the kids, and some beautiful treasures for the house....
But it was not a fun experience, to say the least...
The poverty here  just knocks the breath from your chest.  
There is no way to hide your eyes. 
There  is no way to avoid or ignore it.  
It is right in your face everywhere you look.  
Mothers nursing their babies on street corners...children and animals roaming the dirty torn up and busses honking and driving all over the roads!   And the thousands of make shift homes all along the sidewalks and alley ways...
By Saturday night we were both feeling really overwhelmed by what we had seen.   It's hard to process those images.    What do we do with those?  
So much happening.  So much to take in.

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