Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We all headed to the care center at 9am for a meeting with our children's nannies.
The meetings were very insightful...
Upon comparing notes with the other families we found that we all have perfect children, who never cry or get upset, sleep through the night, and have never been sick, except of course for the "common cold". 
I'm just being sarcastic of course:)   The nannies were very sweet and it was obvious that they deeply cared for the children...and the children were clearly well cared for.
After the meetings were took the kids on the bus over to the guest house to have lunch with us!   For  the older kids in the group it was a very exciting trip!
Will just snuggled right into my chest and watched out the window.
After lunch we had to bring the kids back to the care center for naptime.   It's getting more and more difficult each day to leave Will. 
Once we dropped the kids at the care center,  we had a few tours to take.
I was starting to feel really nauseous, partially I think I was getting dehydrated but also all of the diesel fumes from driving around the city really take a toll on you, combined with the bumpy, hot, bus ride going through very depressing and sobering scenery.
In short, I wasn't really feeling like taking any tours. 
We saw the CHSFS Mother and Child Medical Center  ------which I found totally inappropriate.   Not the Center, I have no doubt that they do wonderful amazing work, and help many women and children who otherwise have no where else to go, but having our group of twenty white Americans trouncing through the waiting room while actual patients were waiting to  be seen, touring the different departments including the pharmacy, while women waiting to have their prescriptions filled waited outside because they couldn't fit inside due to the size of our group!
Maybe it was just the foul mood I was in but I felt like it was an invasion of these women's  privacy.  It made me very uncomfortable.
Next we saw the National Museum of Ethiopia.
After that we were supposed to visit the CHSFS school but we were running behind schedule and they were already done for the day.  Some of the people in our group wanted a little extra shopping time so the bus driver took us back to a strip of vendors....we were able to find a few more little things for the gang at home, but the beggars just about put me over the edge.   Being out in this city, having children, children, take you by the hand and say "please mommy, new shoes."   It breaks my heart into a million pieces.
Once we just couldn't take anymore, we headed back onto the bus where we sunk down into the seat and tried not to notice the faces staring at us from the other side of the glass window.
Jud and I were both feeling gross and exhausted...but this was the night that the whole group went to a local  Ethiopian restaurant for dinner and to watch some Ethiopian dancing.    On any other night this would have been something that we would have loved to do....but this night, it kinda sucked!

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