Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Before I forget

I've got lots to catch up on, but we have our second fingerprint appointment early tomorrow so I am heading off to bed soon. But before I forget, I wanted to share a quick Sam funny!

This morning was quite crazy.

So when I picked Sam up from school at 11:00 rather than sit and wait outside for half an hour for Emma, I had an idea.

Me, "Sam, how about while we are waiting for Emma, we quick run to McDonald's grab lunch, then come back to pick up Em and then head home?"

Sam, "I like the way you're thinking!"

I started laughing and said, "Sam, you crack me up!"

He smiled and said, "Yeah, sometimes I crack myself up!"

oh I love that kid:)

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Thankfulmom said...

Thanks for the smile this morning. Kids are so great!