Monday, July 6, 2009

so so tired!

wow! This moving stuff really wears a person out! Actually, I think it's more the four kids on summer vacation that are really kicking my butt!

Other than being totally exhausting, everything in our life is going really well...REALLY well!

*My dad is doing really GREAT! He is actually going golfing tomorrow!!! This is his first time out, since he got so sick, I think it's a great sign of how he's starting to feel more back to normal.

*Adoption stuff is moving right along...still waiting. Last month we hit the TWELVE month mark. yipee.(can you sense my sarcasm?)

*We are getting settled into the new house. Although because the kids are off of school, we've been busy doing fun stuff so I've only gotten 2 rooms painted! There are boxes of stuff everywhere and I have no idea where to put them, so I'm pretending I don't see them. This seems to be working.

*Caroline made a new friend!!!

All is right with the world!


-C said...

Okay- so when are you coming to help me with my boxes and painting. Huh? and when are you gonna show us some photos of your new house?

Congratulations on surviving the move and still being upbeat. You deserve a spa day!

KMS said...

You are amazing. I only have two kiddos and there is still a room demanding paint staring me in the face. You need to give me lessons...