Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Is it really only Wednesday?

This has really been a crazy week! Aren't they all?

Caroline has camp this week, which she is loving, but it means getting everyone up and ready to drop her off at the bus.. by our old house.. across town.. every morning by 7:45!!!

After the drop off we head home have some breakfast, and get the remaining three ready for swimming lessons..again..across town.

They are all doing really well. I am amazed at what little fish Sam and Emma are turning out to be!

And Jack...check out that form!

This morning it is pouring rain. I feel bad for Caroline, I'm sure she'll be drenched! She assured me they'll still have fun even in the rain!

Because of the rain, there are no swim lessons, which means we finally have a quiet day at home! The kids are excited about having a whole day to play...I will be catching up on laundry and getting everyone packed up for our weekend trip to MN!!!

Jud is in LA for a couple days. I'm very jealous! Although a quiet day at home with three of the best kids around sounds pretty darn good too:)

Oh these kids crack me up! Check out the boys in their new pjs!

Oooops! I guess I was a little off on their sizes! Luckily they didn't seem to mind!

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rebekah said...

That's about how Quinn looks in the pool - he only makes it across the pool thanks to the cute teenage girl/ teachers.