Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The house!

Sheesh Charlotte! Here you go!

These are the before pictures that Jud took during the inspection...just picutre it now bursting with furniture and boxes and four kids tearing through the halls!!!


Julie said...

It is gorgeous. Looks like the house in Ordinary People, although in this case it is the house for Extraordinary people.

-C said...

Wow! It looks awesome and much bigger than you described it.

Although it is very decorative I do hope that snow in the front is gone by now.

Now get your ass to the spa!

Jessie said...

Looks great! Can't wait to see it in person...now that we're back in town and wedding craziness is over - let me know if you ever need a sitter! :) Where we're living right now is Hwy 45 and Burleigh - so I'm much closer to you guys! :)

Emily Keon said...

Yeah! So glad you are there and can't wait to get together. I miss all of you. Serious, I think in the time I have known you, you've painted 25 rooms and I've barely painted 3. What does Jud put in your morning buna?!