Sunday, June 28, 2009

Survival of the fitest!

We all survived the move...well everyone except for Chloe the fish, the move deemed to be too much for her! Caroline took it well, and we will be off to the pet store tomorrow to find a replacement!

It's been a really insane past two weeks. No matter how organized I thought I was, moving day was chaos! And the days following were strikingly similar!

We moved in on Tuesday, had a few days to get our bearings just in time to head up to Green Bay on Thursday for the rehearsal for our wonderful sitter Jessie's wedding. The wedding was Friday, and all of the kids had a part! Just a sign of how insane things have been, I took no pictures of the two most beautiful little flower girls or of the two most handsome program hander-outers in the history of the world, not a single one!!! Where was my head? Or more importantly, where was my camera?

Ugh, still so much to do! Boxes to unpack. Rooms to paint. And still the laundry doesn't stop!

So much has been happening, so many post worthy things, but this is the first time I've sat down on my couch in over a week and it feels pretty darn good, so good in fact that I think I may just sleep here!


stephanie said...

Ugh, moving is really hard work. Congrats on your new home and hope you feel settled and homey soon.

Christina said...

Welcome back Jess! So glad the move went well...or at least went :). Can't wait to read more about your newest happenings! I love how life in your (new) house has never a dull moment.

Julie said...

So glad you are settling in! Sorry about the fish. ):

-C said...

Congratulations! Any moving tips you can pass along to me? I hear you are a great wall painter- so when you're done with your house you can come out here and help me.

Post pictures of your new house!!!