Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Look what I got!

My friend Harmony works for this great company Steps4kids, Inc. After reading about my little Sam's letter trouble she sent me this...

This DVD is for ALL kids (recommended ages 4-7 yrs.) that are learning how to write their upper and lower case letters or are struggling with their writing. They are great for Kindergarten readiness or Summer catch up/keep up. The letters are demonstrated on lined paper which helps kids learn how to align their letters, but kids that are not ready for lined paper can use blank paper to learn the correct sequence to form the letters. There are also 100 sight words presented which is great for pre and early reading skills. Between writing the letters there are cute drawings that the kids learn by using the letters they have just practiced. This is a unique way to teach writing because it offers a visual modeling approach which has been shown to be extremely effective as many children are visual learners. Plus it allows kids the opportunity to learn independently while you observe from close by (in other words they get a break from their parents and teachers always telling them what to do :) Our DVDs are great for home practice, school use and for Homeschoolers! For more information check out our website at: www.Steps4Kids.com. We also offer an instructional Cursive DVD for ages 7+, however the FREE one is the printing DVD.

If you visit the site now, use the coupon code "summer" for $5.00 off the price of a DVD!

Now, I havn't actually had time yet to sit down with him and watch it, so I can't really give a review yet:) I just didn't want Harmony to think I forgot!

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Calmil2 said...

Thanks for posting that Jess!!! With all you have going on I so appreciate you taking the time to post about our DVD. I can't wait to hear what Sam thinks and of'course I really hope it helps him with his letters!!