Wednesday, June 3, 2009

the home stretch

The kids have 7 days left of school. (need to get cards/gifts for the teachers)

We have 19 days until the MOVE! (lots of packing/cleaning still needs to happen)

And 23 days until both girls are in our sitters wedding! (still looking for shoes and headbands)

should be an easy breazy month!

If we can get through the next few weeks without anymore sickness it would really be helpful!

Otherwise, things are going quite well.

This is field trip season at school, which is so fun for the kids...and me too once I figured out the sitter situation for Sam and Emma since they are both home during the day.

Caroline went to Old Falls Village. Where they put her to work! She loved it, along with her bag full of "treasures" she collected along the way.

Yesterday, Jackson's class had a day at the zoo. It still cracks me up that his whole class calls him Jackson! There were a lot of chaperons which meant we were able to break up into small groups, we of course had an awesome group! I only had three boys to chase after and still I was exhausted by the end of it! Really, how do boys have sooooo much energy? We were literally running from one end of zoo to the other! I think Jack really had a fun day, and it was equally thrilling for me just to have a whole day to spend with him! He is such a cool kid! Really, I'm not just saying that because he's my son! He really is AWESOME!

Tomorrow is Sam's trip to a farm/petting zoo. I doubt he'll sleep tonight he's so darn excited!

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Kristin said...

Oh my gosh. I think Caroline is in the wrong era right now. She looks like she really fit in with that type of living!! That's cool that she really enjoyed it. You really need to bring the kids all to Heritage Hill now. Although, I don't think they do all the fun stuff you got to do there. I think it's just looking... The place you went looked more fun.