Thursday, June 4, 2009

Farmer Sam

Today was Sam's big end of the year, class field trip to a petting zoo. Oh did the kid have a blast!

He got to see, touch, hold, ride and even milk so many different animals!! (ok that sounds weird, he only milked a cow!) And he was such a sweetheart with them! So gentle and loving.(it just makes a momma's heart pound to see such tenderness coming from her boy!)

I just loved watching him today, interacting with all the animals, showing his softer gentler side, and then with his little buddies, just being silly and playful! He is so much different in a setting of his home he seems to follow Jack's lead. Whatever Jack wants Sam wants the same.

To see him play and goof around and run and be crazy with other kids his age was really great to see.

And of course getting to spend my day with this cutie pretty much rocked!


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He just looks SO stinking sweet in these pictures. Cutest little farmer I have seen. Wow!