Saturday, January 22, 2011

7 years

I just put Sam to bed. Well, actually like an hour ago but then I rocked Emma, searched the house for a lost bunny, walked Sam back to bed after a failed "drink of water" attempt and watched my big negotiators in a high stakes show down as their Monopoly game is nearing an end.

But now here I am. Thinking about 7 years ago.

7 years ago from this very night, I was sleepless, uncomfortable, had unbearable heartburn, charlie horses constantly in my calves, was fighting for rib space against this little kicker inside of me, felt like if the skin on my belly stretched anymore I could give birth through one of the stretchmarks, 40 weeks in and ready to be done embracing my last night of being with child.

I've heard of women who love being pregnant. Under different circumstances maybe this could have been me. My pregnancies were all high risk, and really no fun. This was my third, which meant I also had an almost 3 year old and a 1 1/2 year old trapped at home with me while I was on bed rest. By the end of this 40 weeks I was done. I not only had my doctor promise that he would induce me on my due date as not to go a single day past 40 weeks, but I also I made both he and Jud swear to never let this happen to me again... yup, one CRAZY pregnant lady!

So anyway, 7 years ago I was a mess. Not worried about the delivery or anything like that, I have a fabulous Doctor and had pretty easy (listen to me, easy? did I just say that?) deliveries in the past. I was worried because even though I had a plan for who was going to stay with Caroline and Jack from when we left for the hospital in the early morning until Jud came home sometime the next night. It was all falling apart.

The plan was for my sister to come down, but she was sick, like sick-sick. Since we don't have family close, situations like this always stress me out. Who do we call?

Up until now we were a two kid family, we didn't really use sitters yet!

My parents had left for Florida just a few days earlier (I've always thought for fear of the upcoming bris...but I can't be sure).

Well, thanks to a wonderful aunt and friend we managed to pull it off, but it did almost send me right over the edge...

Thinking about it now, I can remember clear as day. We were living in our cute blue house (like 4 houses ago). The nursery was yellow, with an incredible painting of our family including baby Sam, by Caroline, hanging above the adorable dresser that Jud stained (and I've since painted over...twice).

Life was good.

I didn't think it could get any better.

And then I saw this face!

I can't imagine our family without Sam.

I can't imagine me without Sam.

What can I tell you about Sam?

He's amazing. He's a character. He's smart. He's hilarious. He's sweet. He likes to snuggle. He's genuine. He's caring. He's funny. He's creative. He's an amazing artist. He loves to make people smile. He loves math. He loves to draw.

He is a gift!

And I am so thankful that 7 years ago he came into my life.

If you want to see some serious cuteness, this is from a few birthdays past...when I only had 4 kids and had time to do things like put together birthday video montages:) If you choose to watch, how many costumes do you see Sam in????

Happy Birthday Sam! I love you!


Julie said...

That baby picture of him is too cute! Happy Birthday Sam! I can't watch the video right now. Kids are asleep and my mute button isn't working. ;) I'll guess 7 anyway.wi

hotflawedmama said...

Happy birthday, Sam!!! Beautiful baby, beautiful son!

Missy said...

Happy Birthday Sam!!!