Friday, January 14, 2011

Six Months.

It's been six months since my mom died.

I found this on my computer today, it's what I read at her memorial doesn't feel like six months ago already.

There's a saying that,

"life is more accurately measured by the lives you touch than the things you acquire"

I'm certain that anyone who knew her would agree, these words could have been written about our Mom's life.

In fact, as all eight of us kids have been talking over the past few days, one thing we all remember her saying repeatedly over the years is, "I don't need the lottery, I'm rich in kids...and I'm rich in Love."

Our mom was the most sincere and loving person that I've ever known.

Growing up I never once heard her talk about clothes or things.

I have no idea what her dream car would be or what designer she liked.

Because those things were seemingly unimportant to her.

Material things were irrelevant.

We were her life.

And she gave us everything she had.

She always, always put us first.

Before her needs or wants.

Before herself.

Since becoming a mother myself, I marvel even more at our mom, and all that she has accomplished.

I mean, working full time, raising eight relatively good kids, coaching our sports teams, and all that laundry!

I still just don't know how that's possible.

And what really blows my mind is that as soon as she walked in the door, after what I'm certain was a long day at work given her devotion to her job...she would start dinner.


For us.

And we're not talking frozen pizza or mac and cheese, like I may feed my kids. I mean serious meat and potato type meals.

Every night.

Well, except for bowling league night!

Which meant tuna fruit cocktail !!!!

This would account for why, til this day I still can't stomach even the smell of tuna!

Our mom spent her life caring for others.

She would often go out of her way to reach those who were in need...whether that meant people from work, or friends, or any of us kids. Or maybe even an underage grandchild who found themselves in a bit of a bind...!

We all knew she was there for us, whatever the reason or circumstance.

She loved us all.




She reveled in all of her children's accomplishments.

But she also hurt along with us in all of our sorrows.

It was always obvious that she felt sheer joy and delight in spending time with us.

Every time we'd leave her house we'd hear, "why are you leaving so soon?" and "when are you coming back?"

I'm sure that part of wanting all of us kids around, was actually more about wanting her grandchildren around!

Her grandchildren were bringing new joy to her life.

A joy that illuminated her face every time one of them showed up at the cottage.

With 23 grandchildren, let's just say she was invited to more than her fair share of grandparent's days at school, spring concerts, parts in school plays and oh the sporting events!

But every time she was invited.

She was there.


With a proud smile on her face.

She loved you all. Please don't ever forget that.

As Albert Einstein said, "Our death is not an end, if we can live on in our children and the younger generation. For they are us. Our bodies are only wilted leaves on the tree of life."

So let us put our own sadness aside, and let today be a joyous celebration of her life...

I loved her with all my heart, and will truly miss her.

Goodnight Mom.

God Bless I Love You

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