Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Emma is turning into quite the Daddy's girl lately. She went to the theatre with her class last week, Jud had taken the morning off so that one of us could go with her, while the other stayed home with the little munchkin. I was secretly hoping to go, but Emma really wanted Daddy to go. Sigh.

Look how sweet they look though.


Will just pointed to the screen and yelled, "DADDY"! Then with his little finger he pointed at Emma and with a big grin said, "mommy!" Yup, he finally says mommy only, it's what he calls Emma not me. Sigh. Oh well, we're working on it!


Julie said...

She is beautiful. Oh, and is it bad that I laughed that he calls her mommy? (It is just that I can relate ;) Love to you guys.

Ladybugs appear said...

Beyond beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

charlotte Ernst said...

She is gorgeous! and so is your house! Still so spotless and pristine, except for that stray croc in the hallway- you better go move it.