Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This past weekend Jud's mom, (otherwise known as Bubbie) brother Dave, his wife Kristy, and their two cute kids (otherwise known as the MN cousins) Spencer and Nora, all came for a little visit to celebrate Hanukkah! Caroline lit the candles the first night.

She especially loved her gift from Bubbie, a new acrylic setup! lucky girl!

Saturday we took the kids to the Children's Museum...

...they all had a great time, it's a great hands on kind of place, unfortunately I think they may have picked up some unwanted germs on their little hands while we were there... Poor Spencer was the first one to show signs of the pesky tummy bug... but that didn't stop him from helping Jack light the candles!

Sunday after our company left Caroline and Jud made latkes!

The kids are really getting into Hanukkah this year, mostly I think because in this new neighborhood they don't feel like the ONLY Jews around!

But also many of their friends who aren't Jewish have taken an interest too. Caroline was hoping to have some friends over one night to light candles with us, eat latkes, and play dreidle....unfortunately the tummy bug is currently running it's course through our house! So we are doing things as a family instead!

Like putting on concerts!

Oh, I sure love these kids! Even on weeks like this, where I am getting little to no sleep, and falling behind on everything that a stay at home mom should be doing, they can always make me laugh... I'm just so so thankful.


Missy said...

I love your kids. They are so fun! :)

Thankfulmom said...

We celebrated Hanukkah this year for the first time. Our new friends moved here from NY. They were blessed to have many Jewish friends who introduced them to celebrating many festivals. We had a grand time eating latkes, playing dreidel games, and lighting candles on the menorah.

I'm glad your children are enjoying this special time of year.

-C said...

That video is hilarious! Your kids are a hoot.

Jess said...

did anyone even notice that Sam's pants fell down? That's the best part:)