Monday, January 14, 2008

Only 7 years ago!

A few days ago I was putting together invitations for Caroline's 7th birthday party, when it suddenly hit baby is almost 7! I don't know where the times goes, but sure goes quickly... I've been thinking a lot about where we were as a family only seven years ago...

It was just Jud and I, well we did have the enormous "rock" the dog! We were in our first little house, anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first little bundle! We were so happy, yet so clueless! Clueless about the changes we were about to undergo. From the moment that Caroline was born, we were forever changed. In a way you just can't possibly begin to imagine until you experience it...We went into the hospital almost 7 years ago as two people who were so nervous and excited about what the future held and we emerged only a few days later as a family.

Jud and I are not the same two people we once were...this has never been more clear to either of us than it was yesterday when we surprised Caroline with two tickets for her and I to go see Hannah Montana! I brought her upstairs to tell her alone... her face immediately lit up and her eyes beamed with excitement, all she could get out was a loud piercing screech! There was something so pure and heartfelt about her reaction that really got me. After a quick hug, she ran downstairs to tell the boys, I followed wiping tears from my face, embarrassed at what a softy I was, when I looked up and saw Jud doing the same thing!

The years have flown by in a whirlwind of new adventures and new additions! We've moved...and moved...and moved again. Our family has grown from three to six! Not bad for only 7 years! I can only imagine what the next seven hold!

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