Sunday, October 31, 2010


We originally had big plans for the weekend.

At the last minute plans changed.

At first I was really sad about it, and the kids were totally bummed too. But then we realized this meant we had a whole weekend together with no plans! The house was clean, laundry was caught up on and we had the fridge and cupboards fully stocked! That almost never happens, so we took full advantage. We played tons of board games, legos, spent hours coloring guys, I even laid on the couch for awhile, I can't remember the last time I did that! It was cold outside, but nice. The kids played outside quite a bit. They play so well together. Listening to them making up games, running all over the place searching for things, it just makes me smile. They love each other so much.

Today we had another family in the area over that is leaving next week for their first trip to Ethiopia. They seemed like such a great family, I look forward to meeting their daughters one day!

In the end it turned out to be a perfect weekend.

How could it not be with these kids?

Alright Bubbie, so here are the pictures I promised!

Will is getting so big and soooo goofy!

Emma was just beyond excited that Halloween was finally here! Happiest dinosaur ever.

Caroline wanted to go the freaky route.

Jack and Sam had to go as something that "went together" They do everything together, they even shared one trick or treat bag!

It ended up being so nice outside, even the little dragon went along for the ride

Even in costumes they melt my heart!

Maybe things work out for the best sometimes...this was the perfect weekend!

Just what this family needed!


hotflawedmama said...

So happy to hear, Jess...

Anonymous said...

The kids look munchie, the costumes wonderful, from dinos to Gothgirl.

I suspect I should know the mustached numbered hats...

Thanks Jess. This was a treat. But those numbered hats...

charlotte said...

Everyone looks fantastic! But Will's 2 little teeth are the scene stealer.

Glad your weekend turned out well, although I still think you guys should have been on TV. You could've showcased your super clean house and adorable kids Mom's across the nation (well a European nation) would have been gasping " How does she do it all?".


Emily said...

Wow! Even Amy and I never shared a trick or treat bag. Mostly because we loved trading our candy at the end.

Julie said...

Holy Cute!