Sunday, November 1, 2009

a looooong weekend!

The kids were off of school Thursday and Friday... My wonderful pal Jodie had the great idea to take all the kids to a water park! Only catch was, the dads would have to join us later... Thursday night after work, and since Jud was in a Seminar all week he would have to meet us Friday morning.

I'll admit, at first the thought of taking all four kids to a water park/hotel for the night without Jud's help totally freaked me out.

But then I remembered, I have awesome kids!

And, we were going with Jodie and her awesome kids. Who my kids love and adore!!! So I figured we'd be safe...and one of Jodie's awesome friends and her 3 adorable daughters were in on this venture too, so we went for it!

Since the dads were joining us later we (moms and kids) carpooled on the way down to the water park just after lunch, which was another one of Jodie's brilliant ideas, because it made check in very easy...taking turns checking in and watching kids in minivans!

So let me break it down a little for you...

3 moms

10 kids. 10 very active, very excited kids.

Here we are trying to make our way to our rooms!

It was a blast! I think it was just what we all needed after being cooped up so much over the past few weeks. All the kids got along swimmingly:) Not many's a little hard to take pictures while trying to keep track of so many soaking wet kids- who knew?

Funny quote from the trip...

Emma, in the car on the way down, "well, I don't care who started it!"

yup pretty much sums up all of our car rides!

Then yesterday, we went to Jodie's for their block party and trick or treating, it was a great day and the kids looked awesome in their costumes, although I forgot to bring my camera. Doh!

We've had their costumes for a few weeks, but for some reason on the morning of Halloween Jack decided he wanted to MAKE a different, more creative costume! So a few boxes, and a quick trip to the grocery store for 4 rolls of tin foil later he had a very cute and very original robot costume! I only wish he had this idea a few weeks ago before I bought the $40 Luke Skywalker costume! Oh well that's what we get for having creative kids I guess!

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