Saturday, September 5, 2009


Well, once again things are beyond crazy at our house.

The house is coming along, the basement should be done by next week so I can finally get all of the kids stuff out of boxes...the home study update is just about complete, our social worker is coming over tomorrow to see the new house and collect all of the papers I've been running around town chasing after! Even amidst the craziness, I think we're all starting to feel more settled.

Last week marked the beginning of the new school year!

The kids all seem to be loving it so far. Well, one day Emma did plant her feet firmly on the ground and say, "no. I'm not going." Jack has had a few tears every morning, and Sam has already asked, "how many more days until school is done?" So, I guess maybe not everyone loves it. Caroline really and truly does though. I know it's a bit early for predictions, but I really think that this school is going to be a much better fit for them!

In other news... Jud was just promoted to the President of M&I Equipment Finance Co. It's really exciting news and I'm just so proud of him! His dedication and hard work have paid off! He's amazing and I know he'll do a great job!

Even with all of the stress at work, Juds been so awesome about pitching in with house stuff too. Probably more than his fair share actually. I've been going through weird phases lately, where I just don't feel like doing anything...not yard work, not painting, not cleaning, not organizing, not even blogging! These, with the exception of cleaning, are things that I really enjoy doing...but I've just felt blah. And rather than get annoyed by my mood swings and general blahness, Jud has been incredibly sweet and loving. He calls during the day just to ask how I'm feeling or how my day's going. Most nights he still makes dinner when he gets home from work! And if that's not enough, he's been motoring through projects around the house. Pretty much makes me look like a total slacker!

Yesterday the two of us took a road trip to La Crosse for a wedding. It was about a four hour drive so we had lots of time to talk and catch up with each other, something we rarely get the opportunity to do these days. It was wonderful. We really had a great time at the wedding too. Jud even danced! Something he does not usually do willingly! It felt great to have some fun time together, but we are both exhausted today, we're getting too old for those late nights!

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