Monday, September 28, 2009

fun with friends! (and Bubbie!)

We had such a great weekend!

We were lucky enough to have Bubbie come for a little visit! We kept her moving the whole time! These kids sure love their Bubbie, and the time they get to spend with her! I'm quite certain she was exhausted by the time she left! Nice relaxing weekend eh Bubbie?!!

Friday night was a nice quiet, well as quiet as our house gets, Shabbot dinner...and we read lots of new books that Bubbie brought.

Saturday, Jud was golfing in the morning so Bubbie and I met my fabulous friend Jodie (aka Tommy and Allison's Mom!) and two of her incredible kids at the urban Ecology Center for a little picnic and lots of laughs!

Here's a peek at the craziness that ensues when we get all these kids together! It was like a cheese race, minus the cheese!

Bubbie said afterwards that she really wanted to run down the hill with cue to encourage crazy un-bubbie like behavior in the future:)

Then we had a really nice, and surprisingly quiet walk!

Then later in the day, Caroline was off for her first Temple youth group get together! She is definitely enjoying the taste of independence!

While Caroline was out, we had dinner with this ridiculously cute family! Even Bubbie couldn't keep her hands off the cuteness!!!

Can't blame her really, the boy is almost edible he's so darn cute!

Jud wanted in on the love! (I think the wait is starting to get to him too)

And the lovely Quinn, after telling me, "you know, you waste a lot of energy in this house" helped the kids build a new contraption. Oh Quinn, how I love you so!

Today was Yom Kippur so we kept the kids out of school. We had a nice family day at home. The kids rotated playing and lying around, while Jud helped me catch up on all of the stuff I've been falling behind know, laundry, cleaning that sort of thing.

Then we all went to services this afternoon.

I wish Bubbie could have stayed so she could have gone to Temple with us today because I'm sure seeing Jack "choking" in his tie because he couldn't breathe, would have brought back great memories of Jud as a child! Some things never change!


hotflawedmama said...

That's awesome. Sounds great. Quinn is hilarious, keeping you on your toes!

rebekah said...

I love Bubbie too!

Anonymous said...

Busy time since I got home on Sunday. Playing in the background as a continuous tape for my head and heart were memories of a very loving weekend: piles of little boy-puppies; playing squish on the sofa with Emms; a haunting beach walk/talk with Caroline; conversations with Jodie, Rebbecca and Patrick that quickly went beyond the everyday; cuddling with Matthew and enjoying wondrous Quinn; delicious dinners and actual doughnuts for breakfast (Zadie was jealous). There was even time for real conversations with Jud and Jess, squeezed somehow in between their hard work to fashion the weekend. Lovely, loving weekend. I came home really happy - and determined to not just run, but to roll down the hill with the kids next time.