Monday, September 13, 2010

Ever get tired of playing catch up?

I feel like it's all I do.

Maybe I'm just running in circles all day, because I don't seem to be getting anywhere.

The house, the laundry, the paperwork from school, it's never done. Not for one second.

I swear I'm not normally a whiner like this, it's just I have a feeling that I'm not the only mom who feels like the months of August and September totally suck-- er' I mean, wipe you out!

You know right?

Like in August we do back to school shopping. Meaning we run around like insane bats outta hell looking all over town for certain colored folders, which apparently very few stores carry and even fewer have in stock. Then we spend hours labeling every single f-ing thing that goes into each backpack, being careful of course not to mix up what color folder goes into which backpack! Oh, how much do you love the labeling???

Of course we put off laundry and other fun stuff like grocery shopping or cleaning in order to get all of this school stuff done, then once it's all done we want to do fun stuff with the kids before summer is over and they are all in school all day so once again we put off anything that can possibly wait just a wee bit longer. By this point guests are not allowed to use any of the upstairs bathrooms because of their disturbingly awful conditions.

Still with me?

Then comes September. The kids are in school all day, you have plenty of time to get caught up, right? right?

wrong. not me.

Will does not like to clean. Nor does he like to fold laundry. Unfold yes. Helpful? No.

He's a mover. He does not stop.ever. He likes to stay very busy emptying cupboards, hiding shoes, inspecting outlets and of course playing sink or float with random objects in the toilet. So basically, if Will's awake my eyes are on him. This means the only time I have to switch/fold/put away laundry, clean bathrooms, or work on any of the other gazillion projects I have, is during his nap...which varies from 1 1/2 - 2 hours.

No worries though, according to my calculations Jud should have clean dress socks in his drawer by next Christmas!


Christina said...

lol...i don't have the school excuse, but i do know exactly what you mean. wish we lived closer; maybe we could do laundry folding parties.

Missy said...

Jessica!! I work 9-2. Let me know if you ever need help after 2. I can take Will for a walk or you can go somewhere & I can help out around the house. Seriously- you guys are like family to me & I don't mind helping out! <3

charlotte said...

I dont know how you do it Jess! I've got three and I am drowning in laundry on any given day. Oh and the folders, don't get me started. I searched the entire tri state area for a specific orange folder and never found it. Sent my kid to school without the orange folder. GASP. I felt guilty. Next year lets do back to school shopping in May, so we won't have to do laundry at 2 am.

hotflawedmama said...

Oh Jess, I feel you all kinds of ways on that post!

Gotta get better, right?