Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Typical Tuesday

When Julie did this last year, I loved the idea. But never got around to doing it. Now she just did it again and well, I guess I just want to fit in! That and I'm very curious about where all the hours in the day go, and why it seems like even though I feel like I never stop moving, I never seem to get anything done!

So here is a typical-or somewhat typical day in my life.

At 4:30am the mobile in Will's room starting playing. Not typical.

Jud ran in and found a very awake, very happy little boy standing up in his crib.

I brought him downstairs with the hope that Jud, and Emma (who was woken up by the mobile) could go back to sleep...

about 5-ish

6:00am Jud and Emma came downstairs. Jud made coffee.

Then he proceeded to make lunches! While I took a shower!!!! Again, not exactly typical. But much appreciated!

7:00am The rest of the kids get up. Caroline decides this is a perfect time to plant a tree!

Then breakfast...muffins fresh out of the oven. (that would be Jud!)

8:00 am Since Jud is going to be out of town for a few days, he decides to leave for work a little later today! He brings Caroline, Jack and Sam to school so Emma and I share a bagel while Will sleeps. Then it's on to fight the continuous battle which I will never win... I begin collecting laundry...

9ish Emma helps me wake up Will and get him dressed, because it's time for her to go to school.

10:00 am Breakfast and a show. Will finally gets some food

and then the two of us watched the video of our first meeting in Ethiopia.

He fell asleep. I cried.

11:00 Quickly switch loads, then wake the sleeping baby because it's time to pick up Sam and Emma from school.

12:00 Sam and Emma play outside.

Will and I play inside.

1:00 After coming upstairs from switching laundry, I see this.

I feel envious.

2:00 Will is sleeping. Sam, Emma and I play dinosaurs.

3:00 Again, wake the sleeping baby because it is time to pick up Caroline and Jack from school. As soon as we get home Caroline finishes her project from this morning.

4:00 After dropping Caroline off for Hebrew class I start dinner while Jack does his homework.

I know, really fancy! Like I said, Jud was out of town and as most of you know, he is the cook. Manwich will have to do!

5:00 Explain to the baby that we are going to get in the car AGAIN because we have to take Jack to baseball practice.

6:00 Pick up Caroline from Hebrew, I took a picture with my phone, but I can't figure out how to send the picture-reminds me, one of these days when I'm just sitting around, I've got to figure out that damn phone!

7:00 We talk about everyone's day over popsicles. Then bedtime for Sam and Emma.

8:00 Caroline, Jack and I enjoy some cuddle time while we watching Disney channel...Will is out.

9:00 Will performs some soothing music for me.

10:00 One last bottle.

11:00 I'm ready for sleep, unfortunately my bed looks like this

12:00 Just as I reach REM, Emma starts screaming. I spend the next 45 minutes sitting in the bathroom with her...working stuff out.

1:00 Asleep. With a sweet sweaty little someones arms wrapped tightly wrapped around my neck.

It is exhausting. But I love my life.


Julie said...

Jess, you are amazing. It was funny because I was going to call you today and ask you how in the world you manage everything. I need lessons.

hotflawedmama said...

Did Judd know you were doing this? :) Your day sounds busy but splendid.

Rach@In His Hands said...

I totally loved this little glimpse into your day. What a blessed, busy life! You are a rock star Mama!