Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ah Summer

The plan for this summer was to not plan so much.

The boys baseball season is just wrapping up and Caroline's softball season is in full swing.    Other than practice and games the 4 bigs have golf once a week and Caroline and Jack have piano and guitar once a week.    So our summer was left pretty open.   That's what I planned wanted.

This summer I really wanted the kids to just have time to play and be together.   Take bike rides, walks to the park, make up games on the playset, run through the sprinkler, have Popsicles in the middle of the afternoon for no reason.

But our crappy weather the first two weeks of summer vacation put a damper on all things.   We were stuck inside.all.day.everyday.  We were all ready to strangle each other.

Oh and when it rains really heavily for multiple days, because of our flooding basement history, my husband tends to have a coronary every night which leads us to carry up ALL of our shit  most prized possessions from the basement.

Then I get to spend the next day carrying everything back downstairs and reorganizing the storage room.

Fun Fun.

On the bright side I did get to really go through everything in the basement and was able to purge a heck of a lot, which always makes me happy.   Most things I put on Craigslist for free just to get it the heck out.  Which is another story for another day.

This week was the first really nice week weather wise that we've had so far.   It was also the only week the 4 bigs had any other big scheduled days.    A first for us, we signed the kids up for a one week y day camp.   Caroline, Jack and Sam were dropped off at the bus at 7:15am and then picked up at 5:45pm   a looong day away from home.   Caroline loooooved it!   Seriously,  the nature, the outdoors, the adventure, the sense of independence, it's so Caroline.  Perfect fit.  Yesterday was an optional overnight...I was very anxious.  Caroline not so much.   As we were walking up to the bus she told me that she really wanted to do the 2 week overnight camp next year.   UmmmNo.

Tuesday night (two days into camp) Sam had a bit of breakdown.    Turns out camp is just not a good fit for him.   Too much.   All of it.  Too much.   Of course I didn't want him to feel that way about something I thought would be fun for him, so I told him he could be done.   No more camp for Sam.

The next morning when Jack found out that Sam was not going to camp he suddenly had loads of complaints about camp. (even though everyday he gets in the car and goes on and on about all the fun he had that day)   Jack wanted to stay home too.   Ugh.  Now I'm thinking about how much we paid for this one week camp and they're only two days in, what will the husband think about them dropping out?   I tried to talk about all the stories he had and what fun adventures he had in just those two days, what would he miss if he didn't go back?    Then he said, "yeah, camp is fun but I like being with Sam more.  If he's not going I don't want to go."     How do you say no to that?    So...no more camp for Jack.   Both boys were home.

I had Emma in a little camp at the park for the mornings because I was worried that she would feel left out with the other bigs at camp all day.    She was so so.   Not too thrilled.

Then she gave me this

She told me she really just wanted to be home.

No more camp for Emma.

I guess maybe we're just not a camp kinda family.

Other than Caroline of course!

and as it ends up after the overnight Caroline had a huge rash on her neck and a scratch on her eyeball!   The next morning she could barely open her eye....so no camp for Caroline.

So much for planning.

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KMS said...

Love this post. Spence is not such a camper as well...really only made it to two days of a 90 minute a day sports camp. Sigh. One day...