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Jackson is Nine years old!

Sigh. Seems like only yesterday....

(wow do Jud and I look like we're about 12 years old in this picture?!)

Looking up to his big sister from the very beginning!

Couldn't you just bite him?   Oooooh those cheeks!   Where do you suppose he gets those dimples from anyway?

Future President?

or Rock Star?

The possibilities are endless for this kid!

Yes,  his birthday was month ago and yes I'm just now getting around to writing his birthday post.    We did celebrate it on time though, so at least we've got that going for us;)

This year ended up being the year of birthday parties in our house!   We don't always do big friend parties, but after the year we've had I thought it was really important for all of us to be able to celebrate our most happy days.  The kids all happily obliged.

For Jack's party he chose a laser tag adventure with some of his best buds!   (he even included Caroline and Sam on his guest list without any prompting from me!)

It was a really fun party, and I think he had a great time.   One thing about the party that pretty much sums up Jack in a nutshell,  was his birthday cake.    He had originally wanted a lego ice-cream cake, picked out the picture for the top and everything....I was about to order when I remembered one of his friends severe food allergies.     I told Jack that I'd talk to his friends mom and we could figure out a special treat for him.    Immediately Jack said, "we'll all have what Max is having, I don't want him to feel left out."    I was so impressed that he thought of his friends feelings over his own wants.   So impressed in fact that I offered to make a cake from scratch that Max would be able to eat too...not quite as cool looking as the lego one he picked out, but he loved it anyway.   That is Jack.   

Jack has me pack him a special lunch everyday so that he can sit at the "nut free table" at school because he doesn't want Max to be alone.    

Jack is a very loving friend.

He really thinks about people.  

There is something really beautiful about a child showing sincere compassion and genuine love without being prompted.    That is Jack.    He has always had such a huge heart, and he fills mine with pure joy.

Jack is a fabulous big brother.   Sam has idolized him and tried to follow in his every foot step since he was able to walk.   Rather than running ahead Jack will always slow down to wait for Sam to catch up.    

He is and always has been very protective of his sisters.   If someone has a problem with Caroline or Emma, well then they have a problem with Jack too.    He watches out for them, listens to them and sticks up for them.

Reading to Emma's Class, look how proud Emma is to have him there.  I love that.

Oh man does Jack love Will.

I mean like serious, crazy, nothing else like it, loves Will.

This boy melts my heart with his sweetness.

Jack has always been an avid reader and really likes school.   Luckily he seems to have gotten his smarts from his dad....he picks up new things incredibly quickly.   He's a math wiz, which comes in handy for me when we're shopping because he's great figuring out % discounts!     Every teacher he's ever had has commented about what a sweet boy he is and what a thoughtful friend he is to the whole class.   He makes me so proud in so many ways...

He is a sensitive one, this boy.   He obviously gets that from Jud too ;)     It's a wonderful quality to have.   He keeps my "tone" in check.    Jack will get very sad if I raise my voice the tiniest bit or even if I mumble something sarcastically under my breath.    If he does something wrong, or does something to hurt one of the other kids feelings, he is crushed.   When we lost my mom this year, Jack was so incredibly loving and gentle with me.   Even though he was hurting too, he was always looking out for me, giving me extra cuddles, coming up behind me and rubbing my back,  reaching out to hold my hand on the way to school...  He helped heal my heart.   

Jack loves family.    If it were up to him, our house would be overflowing with children!   He loves when we're all together, or even better when we're all together with cousins!     He especially loves his little cousins Spencer and Christopher.   And those little boys sure think Jack is pretty darn awesome too!

Jack has always had a special love for my dad.   And I have always loved that.  

He's Papa's boy!

through and through...

I love this kid so much!

It's been nine amazing years!