Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Break 2011 part 2

Well it sure doesn't take long for reality to come and pummel that vacation high right outta ya!

I shouldn't be surprised really.

I know how hectic life with 5 kids is, and just how much laundry those 5 kids produce.

It's just that for the first time, in a really, really, long time, I felt relaxed. My head wasn't spinning all day, and I didn't have the next day's 'to do' list running through my head at night.

I actually slept.

It felt good. No, it felt great.

I don't think I was ready for that to end yet.

Note to self, beg and plea to Jud to make next years trip for two weeks!

This was really the most wonderful week we've all had together in quite some time. Swimming, playing in the sand, waking up before the sun to walk the beach in search of that damn sand dollar, laughing, eating every meal together every day. Incredible memories were made. We were all sooooo relaxed all week. Honestly, there was little to no fighting, or whining all week.

Um, we have 5 kids, so that's kind of a big deal!

Every day ended on the beach at sunset.


Not to mention offered great lighting for photos, which I loved because this was really the only time I could take pictures while we were dressed in actual clothes rather than swimsuits, but more importantly watching the "bouncing ball" like my mom used to say at sunset, brought back so many memories of watching sunsets with her...

I finally felt happy when I remembered her, rather than sad. And that felt good.

Well with that said,

****Warning, copious amounts of photos to follow*****

If cuteness bothers you, then by all means shield your eyes!

These are some happy girls! Looking for the ever illusive sand dollar...



Please excuse the boobage...apparently I eat when I grieve and even more apparently I mostly gain weight in my there you have it, could be worse right? Still, Yikes!

Man I love these boys.

They could have fun together in, well, a hole.

shoot, we forgot Will!

Just the girls

and boys and again forgot Will (poor 5th child)

Little Miss Attitude!

I mean come on. CUTENESS!!!

ugh. I want to go back.


Calmil2 said...

Looks amazing!! Where were you?? I hate the vacation hangover ;)

Julie said...

Gorgeous! And lol to the boobs! If you got 'em, flaunt um.

Jess said...

haha! Thanks Julie, just obviously not used to dressing them! Harmony we were in Seista Keys, near Sarasota.