Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our family of 7

We had our finalization hearing this week. Yes he's been home over for a year, what can I say, I suck with details, especially details that require more paperwork!   Really that's the only reason this hasn't happened sooner.   

It was a whole family affair.

The kids and I got all spiffied up, Jud looks this good everyday!   Will was so dang handsome in his little coat and tie!  I can't believe I didn't get any good pictures of him,  actually yes I can,  I couldn't take any pictures because he didn't stop running the entire time!

This time was much different than when we had Emma's hearing.   I'm not sure if it's because the process has changed or just because we were living in a different county at the time.    This one felt much more "official".   Our social worker had to be present and actually testify on our behalf,  as well as both Jud and I.   The judge asked a lot of questions, and really got into great detail.  

The judge was really genuine, and had lots of kind words about our family.   Then he invited us all up to bang the ol gavel!    When it was Jack's turn he threw his arms in the air and yelled "guilty!"  even got a good chuckle out of the bailiff.

After my sister saw these pictures on Facebook she called and asked why I didn't tell anybody that this was our court date.   I guess it just felt like more like a wasn't like I was worried that the judge was going to say no...more like, just making sure we filed all the correct papers.

Like my dad said when I told him, "I'm not surprised, he's been calling me Papa for a long time!"

Will's been a part of our family since  we first saw the photo of his little tiny face....but still, it's nice to be official.


hotflawedmama said...

So precious. Every single one of you!

Rach@In His Hands said...

Congrats to your sweet family!! Y'all look SO happy. You're right, it is SO wonderful to finally be official!