Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Day in the Life... of a crazy person

So, I'm a little late to the party but all the blogamigas  cool kids are doing it so I've just gotta do it too. You know,  because I've always wanted to be cool.  

No but really,  in all craziness   seriousness this was something I did last year  and thought it was really fun to see, not only what so many other moms' days were like, but also what I really do during the day.   Every day seems to begin and end the same and every day I feel like I have the same to do list that never seems to get done, so for me it's crazy interesting to see where my day actually goes!  

Alrightie sooooo this was my Friday, cue the circus theme music...

5:30   Wake up and pry myself from the clutches of these two sweaty bodies.

meet Jud in the kitchen, where he has this waiting for me.  

we talk for a few minutes about what our days look like and then he heads to the shower and I fold a little laundry. I actually don't even mind doing it because it's still quiet in the house.

6:30  The kids start to trickle down, and breakfast is in full swing.    I get all of the lunch boxes out and start packing.   When it comes to sandwiches I open the bread drawer and see only one single piece of shit!

with no time to go the store before Jud leaves I decide, hey what a great day to have lunch together.   I'll pick the kids up from school and we can have a picnic lunch together and then I'll bring them back.   AWESOME!  I write the notes to the teachers.

Then I wake the lone preteen straggler....

Suddenly we're in our CRAZY hour, 7:00-8:00 is INSANE!

Getting everyone  fed, cleaned, teeth brushed, and dressed...the boys insist on having  their clothes laid out for them, the girls insist on doing it themselves...on this day they were both told to "try again" at least two times.   While they work on getting dressed I run around making's this new thing I'm trying,  no really,  I think when you go to bed in a clean comfy environment you sleep better.   Well at least I do.

8:00 Drop off the bigs.  Suddenly remember they all do NOT share the same lunch period.  And neither does Emma.   And it's cold and rainy so no picnic.  aw shit! This will be interesting.

Em insists on going to get a bagel and I happily oblige, because I haven't had breakfast and what the hey, we're dressed!  Actually I'm still in the sweats I slept in, but she and Will are dressed.

Bagel with Bacon.  She's a self proclaimed "meatasourus"!

 In the bagel store we run in to a really good friend,  I share the current lunch drama with her, she says, "well why don't you just get bread and then drop off the lunches."   DOH!  Why didn't I think of that?!!  Now I had already written the notes, told the kids who got all no chance of that now. 

9:00  We drop Emma off at school.   Can't take a picture because my phone is dead, so I look in the console for the charger, where I find the Thank You cards from Emma's birthday March. NICE. 

9:30  Home. Quick switch laundry.  Try to plan out the lunch pick up/drop off schedule.   Looks like between 11:10 and 1:00  we will have 3 separate trips to pick up and drop off at school for this lunch break.   

To make things easier, I ordered lunch ahead of time.   

This is what Will was doing while I was ordering.

I quick jump in a shower, because it's been so long that it's no longer an option not to!  Then Will and I have a little time to play and drool over each other!  

11:00 and we're off to begin the marathon of lunch hours!

Will in the office waiting for "Haaam" (Sam)


11:30   Lunch hour begins with a smile:)  until he tells me, "you forgot to send my m&m's for our math project today" aw shit! 

We eat quick.  Then we're off to pick up Caroline and Jack, run to the store for m&m's milk and bread, drop Sam (and his m&m's) at school and then back to get Emma.   Lunch hour 2 and 3  in full effect. 

12:30  Drop off the two biggest bigs back to school.  Emma and I cuddle for a bit before it's time to bring her back too.

1:30  Snuggle the baby until he falls asleep.   (one of my favorite parts of the day)

Except today I have pack the sleeping baby back into the car and take him to my incredible friend Jodie's house because I have a Dr. appt.

2:30 Back to Jodie's to pick up Will.  We chat for a bit over coffee, then Will and I are off to school for the end of the day pick up.

3:30 Everyone is home.

Emma has a friend over so after a quick snack they head downstairs to play.   Caroline heads to her room to pack for a sleepover later tonight.   The music starts blaring.

Sam does a little of this

While Jack does this

Which is incredibly helpful while I run around the house doing a quick pick up and move all the laundry from the dining room table to the upstairs hallway.

4:30 quick meeting at the newly cleaned off dining room table with an architect to talk about expansion possibilities. 

Then is time to race around the house, digging through even more laundry to look for uniforms and "nut cups" for the boys baseball game.


5:00  Jud pulls in the driveway, runs in to change quick and then heads back out the door with these two.

Will is very upset that he doesn't get to go with.

5:30 We drop off Emma's friend and head to game.

6:30 Jud stays at the game while I bring Will and the girls home for a quick dinner before Caroline gets picked up for her sleepover at 7:00

7:30 The boys are home finishing up their dinner, Emma has a second dinner, and Will plays for a few more minutes before heading to bed.

8:30 Will is sound asleep and the rest of us snuggle in for movie night.

Tonight's feature

which is only made better with

8:30  More of the same.

9:30  The movie is done, and Jud puts the kids down.    Normally this is when I would check fb and then see what's happening in blogland, but oddly enough tonight I'm too exhausted to possibly stay awake for another minute.

Yup, I'm glad I made my bed this morning.   I'm out like a light by 10:00


Calmil2 said...

I LOVE this post....quite possibly my favorite ;) So much like my life but with a couple more kids!!!
Your family is awesome and you're a GREAT mom (believe it, it's true:)

hotflawedmama said...

love it. some days are so crazy!!

Rach@In His Hands said... What a day!! I LOVED getting a peek into your crazy, wonderful world. My favorite part was the lunch situation...writing notes, different lunch times, all the picking up and dropping off. Ha! You're an amazing mama to some fantastic kiddos!

I'll have to try this type of post!

Chatter said...

Fun! Fun! Your kids are so beautiful and I LOVE your new header.

los cazadores said...

Fantastic. I think you are SUPER Mom, seriously. You blow me away to smithereens.