Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Break 2011 (part 1)

We just had the most awesomest family vacation ever! Nope that's not a typo I said awesomest because it was just so much awesomer than just plain old awesome:)

With the size of our family we haven't been able to travel much, plane tickets are sooooo expensive and the thought of driving anywhere with five children in the car for HOURS just doesn't sound much like a vacation to me! But a few months ago Jud and I decided that our family really needed a break. Some time just to be together. No big parks. No running all over to see sights. Just a place to be together. And of course this place needed to be somewhere warm!

Sooooo, we decided to use the miles from Jud's card, ( we had been saving them up for oh like two years with the hopes of a romantic Hawain getaway just the two of us, but oh well another day.) to purchase 6 tickets (Will is still free!) plus my niece (but my brother bought that!) packed up our swim suits and off we went!

We were in a fantabulous location in Florida! Beautiful beach, condo big enough for us and the six kids, a few other great families staying near by and gorgeous weather all week.

It was P.E.R.F.E.C.T

Our biggest decision every day was, beach pool beach or pool beach pool!

My beach beauties!

He actually isn't laying out, he was just warming up his little squirtie self in the sun!

We got to spend some time with Papa too! I wish I hadn't forgotten to bring my camera down to the beach that day, the vision of him laying out on a beach chair sunning his toes was just priceless!

I did get one of him taking a dip with the kids though. It was really great to see him.

The kids all LOVE to swim!

We had lots of beach fun with friends too!

Planning their attack on poor Jud!

Will of course is a little chick magnet! His big phrase this week was "hey dude!"

Alright loading these pictures took way to long and Will is about to wake up from his nap and I am in desperate need of a shower before that happens so we'll have to break this up into two parts!

to be continued....

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Rach@In His Hands said...

What a fun getaway! That beach looks amazing....I wish the Midwest had one of those!