Sunday, March 20, 2011


I've spent lots of time recently going through several boxes of my moms. They're mostly filled with years of photos and letters... I told her that I would organize them, and make sure all of us kids had some of the photos, but I've only been able to go through them little by little. It's a bit overwhelming.

There are so many incredible memories in these boxes.

Last night I came across this photo that absolutely drew me in and took me what life was.

Sitting in that living room, my dad and uncle were most certainly at the piano singing, my mom (doesn't she look so beautiful?) sitting on that plaid little couch, her glass of pepsi sitting on the coffee table, the ice melting while she visited with my grandmothers.

I miss it. Home. Her. That ugly owl on the wall. I miss it all.

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charlotte said...

I'm sorry Jess. Going through those photos must be really hard. Your mom does look beautiful.

I like the owl though.