Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Friend or Family Feature

Will have to wait!

I have the feature, just not the time!

Jud is insanely busy at work this week, which in turn means long days and nights for me!

I have soooo much cleaning to do because we have our first showing tomorrow! What? Haven't I mentioned we put our house on the market? Well, no time to talk about that right now either!

And, I'm way behind Rebekah on the run count, so it looks like I may be on the treadmill tonight until midnight :)


-C said...

WHAT? Where are you moving to? DC?????? The Obamas and I would love to have you here. Oh man showing your house with kids is hell. I remember when we were selling a potential buyer came by on a Saturday afternoon- husband was sleeping on the couch in his pj's, Josie was running around naked (don't ask) and we had piles of laundry that I was folding all over the place.

I feel for you.

Jessie said...

Let me know how the showing goes! Good luck :)