Sunday, July 27, 2008

Old Friends!

Growing up, I had two best friends...

Krista and Geri

Our families belonged to the same church and were involved in the same things.

We were all the youngest in our families.

We were always inseparable. All three of us.

Most of my childhood memories were with them...I can't remember back to a day when we weren't friends.

In Middle School, Geri moved. By high school we had all drifted apart.

But a few years later, Krista and I reconnected and were roommates for awhile...

Then I moved to Milwaukee, and we drifted apart once again.

A few weeks ago, Geri, who now lives in Florida, was in town so we all got together! It was a blast seeing them again!

It seems that now that we've all started our own families, it's like we've picked up right where we left off.

I'm not sure why exactly, but it feels so good to reconnect with both of them. They're both fabulous people! And awesome moms!

This week, while I was in Green Bay, I had lunch with Krista. It feels like we've been friends forever! (never mind the few years hiatus!) We just get each other so well! I'm so glad to have her back in my life!

So.... Geri.... Krista and I were thinking for our next get together we should have a girls weekend at your house! What do think :)

A Busy Week!

So here it is another quiet Sunday night and I'm just wondering where the last week has gone! Even though we've chosen not to schedule much for the summer, we still seem to be incredibly busy! That's life with four kids I guess! Well actually five kids for this week...One of the fabulous big girl cousins, Caitlin, is visiting this week. We haven't seen her much lately and Caroline was really missing her, so last week while we were in Green Bay we convinced her to come home with us! It's been awesome having her here, Caroline is in heaven! With the two of them playing big girl stuff, the boys have been able to have time to play their boy stuff! And that leaves me and Em with lots of time to hang out together!

Thursday I met with an organizer from the Obama campaign! It was pretty cool! He ended up asking if I would host a platform party! Doesn't that just sound important?! How could I say no?! It's not like throwing together a party for 40 people in only two weeks is going to be hard!!!!? I guess it'll be good practice for hosting Jud's family reunion the following weekend! Oh boy!

Something new, Jud and I actually got to get out for dinner! Whoo hoo! (thanks Jessie) You wouldn't think that would be big news, but these days, well it is! We went to a Mexican Restaurant that we used to go to all the time when we were first dating but haven't been to in forever. It was really fun.

We also picked Auntie Miriam up at the airport on Saturday, she's here for a few weeks! Total bonus! Since she's sixteen now I can't really count her as one of the kids! I wish she could just stay forever! Emma is completely enamored with her! Which is not normal Emma behavior. Wherever Miriam is, Emma is not far behind! It's pretty cute! And I think Mim likes it too!

Jud went to hit some golf balls this morning and then the rest of us met him for a day at the pool. The kids are turning into little fish, they absolutly love the water! It was an awesome day!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Reunion!

Oh, finally after a week...Sam was reunited with BLANKIE!!!

Jud was away on a boy's golf expedition this week....Luckily for all of us it ended in Door County, so he was able to swing by the cottage to pick up blankie! As you can see Sam was so releived! He seriously didn't let it leave his sight all day! I guess we can only hope he gets over this infatuation by college or the poor kid is going to be ridiculed!

So that's the big news of the week! Caroline had a Girl Scout day camp this week, which she absolutely loved! Lots of nature and crafts (just her thing)! So the week here with the other three was pretty quiet...lots of playing outside!

Here's my little angel showing a little attitude! This is what she does whenever she doesn't get her way...which is progress, at least she's not screaming or trying to hit me anymore! This cute face I can handle!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Just another lazy Sunday!

Oh, today was just another lazy Sunday...we had ten kids at our house! yes ten! and it was a blast! Even Jud said (a few times) "so this is ten kids? we could totally handle ten kids!" Papa Bruce, be on alert for any future family planning!

It really was sister Jean and her two sisters-in-law did a triatholon today! Their ever supportive husbands went to cheer them on, so Jud and I stayed back with the kids!

I probably should mention that Erinn, Mari, and Meghan, where very helpful with all of the little ones...they pretty much took charge of diapers, feeding, and naps! Which made the day for Jud and I way too easy! Hence, our thinking that ten kids is no big deal!

We did have a really great day....

I guess our table doesn't quite fit ten kids!

Then we had the perfect ending to a perfect day! Just us! Our little family of six!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

My little boogie!

This week Caroline decided it was time to shed her curly locks! Well, they're still curly, but much shorter! She really seems to like it and I love it, except for the fact that she looks even older!

I'm a little worried because as I was trying to get pictures of her new do for Bubbie, she said "take my picture " and posed like this!

Oy Vay!

The rest of the week has been great too! The kids and I headed up to the cottage for a few days, we went to Bay Beach one day (kind of a local amusement park)...the kids were excited about the rides but the big winner of the day was the cotton candy, boy they loved the stuff!

We came home on Friday but left Caroline with her best big cousins Mari and Meghan for the night, she had so much fun! (She just adores her big cousins! ) They dropped her off today. (with a big bag of loot!) They're in town because Jean has her triathlon tomorrow! So we'll have a big group of kids here tomorrow during the race while the supportive husbands go to cheer on their empowering wives!


The only bad news this week is we seemed to have left Sam's blankie at the cottage, which he is totally distraught over! It's been a long two nights!

On a brighter note, we finally have a date set for Auntie Miriam to come visit! Emma cant stop talking about it! Every day she asks, "Is Auntie Miriam here today?" She loves Auntie Mim sooo much! They all do! And of course, so do I! We're all really looking forward to the few weeks that she's here!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Perfect Stranger

Yesterday morning the kids and I were walking out of a Doctor's was about 9:30 and in the 20 minutes that we were in the office the sky had turned dark, it was thundering and lightning and pouring rain. As we stood under the little covered walkway looking across the parking lot to where we had parked, I was thinking about what my plan was going quickly get all four kids to the car. There wasn't much I could do, I looked down at the kids and asked, "are you all ready to get soaked?" As they all looked at me unsure, a woman, a perfect stranger said, "oh honey, why don't you leave them right here with me while you go get your car?" Now, I'm not one to leave my kids with strangers but this one was perfect...the kids stood holding hands under the cover of the walkway while I ran across the lot to get to get the car. I pulled up, got everyone in the car, and thanked the nice woman. "No problem" she answered.

As I drove home, I was thinking about how such a little thing had meant so much. Because of this nice woman, I didn't have to scurry four soaking kids across the parking lot, dodging puddles, I didn't have to pour them into the car and get all of thier seats soaked, I didn't have to listen to complaining about how wet they were for the 10 minute drive home, and when we got home I didn't have to change every one's wet clothes adding to my laundry pile!

Because of this perfect stranger my afternoon was a nice one!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Our 4th of July

Since I ended up getting sick too...our 4th of July was pretty low key. We missed the parade and fireworks yesterday, but Jud brought all the kids to see the WALL E movie! They had so much fun...they liked the movie but I think they loved the popcorn more!

Today was a pretty quiet day as well, I got a few errands done this morning and then the girls and I took the puppies out for and adventure walk! Caroline was really hoping to find some more frogs...but instead we found a little snapping turtle. It took a lot of coaxing but eventually I did convince her to leave it at the pond so it could be with its family! Whew!

While we were on our walk, Jud took the boys golfing! Sorry no pictures of that! But according to Jud, Jack's only interest was in driving the cart. Asking every two seconds, "can I drive?" "now can I drive?" "how 'bout you push the button and I just steer?"

Here's a few pics from our girls adventure walk...none of the turtle, because we were too close to the water, I was afraid if I reached for the camera Emma was going to jump in the water!

Then this afternoon we set up the "jumpy-castle" and let the kids go crazy! By 7:30 they were all exhausted and ready for bed! Gotta love the Jumpy- Castle!

Check out the new AHOPE store!

I just ordered our t-shirts!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

a LONG night

After very long night, Sam seems to be feeling much better today...unfortunately Caroline is not!

I'm affraid our plans for a nice relaxing fourth of July weekend at the cottage have been dashed! Looks like we'll have lots of time hanging out at home cuddling instead!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I've finally figured it out!

After tons and tons of failed attempts at braiding Emma's hair, alas I do believe I've got it! When we were at the Ethiopian family picnic this weekend there was a woman showing how to braid...she put three little braids in Caroline's hair, and I finished the rest! But I was still trying little inside out braids, which is not quite right...then I finally got it! I realized the difference! Turns out Caroline is a much more willing participant in the area of hair braiding than Emma is! But once we got the beads on then, well of course Emma wanted pretties too! She sure loves to shake her pretties!

We did have a great time at the picnic. As it turns out the four kids were slightly more interested in the three giant bounce houses and live animals than walking around with mommy to meet new maybe I didn't get to meet all the people I was hoping to, but it was still a great day!

And today on the home front, we've got another puker!

Poor little squirt! (Sam) I don't think there's anything more pathetic looking than a scrawny little four year old heave into a bowl!

But he is such a little champ! Never cries, all 34 pounds of him lunging towards the bowl, and when he's done...simply wipes his face, washes his hands, and proceeds to tell the peanut gallery "I just puked again!"

Let's cross our fingers that this is some random virus, that will not take over the entire house and will instead be content on moving on...Let's just hope! Meanwhile, I am disinfecting like a mad woman!